Our office is a leader in Baldwin County for providing accurate residential valuations and pricing for home-owners, mortgage lenders, asset managers and loss mitigation specialists.

As an alternative to obtaining a full appraisal, our broker price opinion will satisfy your need of cost approach by providing a professional opinion of value delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Only the most skilled sales associates within our organization are employed for valuation purposes because of the depth of their knowledge and expertise of local markets. Our company takes great pride in providing exceptional service and continually monitor and rate performance based on this criteria.

Our reports include extensive comments related to local market conditions, immediate neighborhood characteristics, subject property condition, as well as an analysis of three current listings and three recent sales of comparable properties. More importantly, the Edgemon Property Group can provide you with the ability to manage each property turnkey and execute a cutting-edge sales and marketing strategy to ensure the fastest possible exit.

Additional services include:

Property Marketing/Sales
Monthly Market Updates
Contractor Services for Repairs
Occupancy Verification
Cash for Keys
Eviction Assistance
Interior and Exterior Trashout
Lawn Maintenance
Title and Closing Services
Monthly Billing

Contact us today to find out how the Edgemon Property Group can handle all of your REO needs.

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