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In Fort Morgan, tranquility isn't just a word. It's a way of life. 


There is perhaps no other milirary site in Alabama more significant than Fort Morgan. Although construction of Fort Morgan didn't begin until 1819, the site's military history atually dates back to the 1780's when it was originally home to Fort Bower - a fort involved in the War of 1812.  Fort Morgan was completed in 1834 and has guarded Mobile Bay ever since.  "The fort is essentially a time capsule because there has been very little encrouchment on the site", says Mike Baily, Fort Morgan's site and education director. "You can look at the fort and almost see the evolution of American seacoat fortification history, from 1819 when the fort began all the way to WWII."


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In today's Gulf Coast market, building a new home rarely seems to cross the minds of many buyers.  In fact, most potential buyers would say, "Why Build?"  That's a completely logical question, especially when there is still a large inventory of unsold homes for sale.  But the reality is that it's not always easy finding an existing home that will meet your expectations. 

Since the real estate crash in 2007, there has been very little new construction offered in the area.  So, even if you are able to find a home that comes close to meeting your criteria, chances are it will still need updating and repair work.

New construction actually provides several benefits to the homeowner, most importantly the new building codes.  Today's codes not only exceed…

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Ever dreamed of owning a home on the Gulf of Mexico? I would guess that the answer is probably yes. This desire is universal for many reasons: waking up to the soft, gentle sounds of the waves breaking on the shoreline, feeling the cool breeze through an open window, and watching the sun rise over the horizon.  This pictureque scenario is sure to excite anyone.  But many feel this dream is impossible because of "Reality".  You may be asking yourself, "Is there any way I could possibly afford a beach house?"

The answer may very well be, yes, you can afford it.  Vacationers continue to flock to Alabama's pristine white sandy beaches in record numbers. Guests from all over the country discover the Gulf Shores area year after year.  The resulting revenues…

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Looks like we are finally going to see some warmer weather. This is welcome news.  I'm not sure I've seen a winter this severe in my 21 years living on the Gulf Coast.  Hope everyone is planning a Beach Getaway soon. 

 Before I discuss ways to be successful buying Foreclosures and Short Sales, here's a brief summary for 2009. There were 1,460 total foreclosures and 4,210 Notice of Default, the latter being a 168 percent increase over 2008.  What's interesting is the dollar values.  Total foreclosures amounted to $383 million and the Notices of Default have a market value in excess of $1.3 billion so there's plenty of Bank inventory coming in 2010.  This appears to be grim news until you realize that in January alone over $114 million in property sales…

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In our last blog, I talked about ways we can identify and investigate foreclosures and short sales. Today, I'd like to pass along some numbers from the October 2009 Baldwin County Trend Report. 
Just this month we saw 122 properties fall into foreclosure with an additional 377 Notices of Default. Year to Date 2009, we've seen 1,182 Foreclosures with 3,553 Notices of Default. These numbers represent increases of 19% and 249% respectively from Year End numbers from 2008.
What I find most interesting is the difference in the number of recorded Foreclosures and the actual Notices of Default (2,371).  Just this number alone will double the total of all foreclosures in 2008. If on average 300 new notices of default are being sent each month, we can easily…

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Welcome to my first blog and our new site for Edgemon Properties.  I hope both prove to be helpful in bringing the most relevant real estate information your way about the Alabama Gulf Coast.

As everyone is well aware, times are tough with cash and buyers scarce.  Well with little demand and tremendous supply only one result is certain: price pressure.  This price pressure equals a market full of foreclosures, properties close to foreclosure and other sellers just willing to get out at almost any price.  How do we identify these distressed properties and find these values?

This is actually quite easy, but first requires some handy tools which are at my fingertips with the use of today’s technology and the vast information open to the public domain. …

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We are very proud to reveal our new web site.  If you can't find the new home, condo or property you're looking for please contact us directly for a unique search to fit your needs.

We are always happy to help and want to make sure you find the perfect property.

Please check back regularly as we will be updating the featured properties and our listings continuously.


The Edgemon Property Group

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